Show-Score is a theatre community. Through ratings, reviews, and show information, Show-Score users can find the shows that suit them, receive personalised recommendations, and help others discover what to see.

We originally worked with Show-Score as they partnered with TodayTixGroup to help bring their visual identity up-to-date and fall inline with other TTG partners.

As 2022 drew to a close, they invited their members to relive the theatre moments that moved them through their 'Year In Reviews' (essentially, the 'Spotify Wrapped' of the Theatre world).

We worked with Show-Score to design and create the digital experience, along with social campaigns and shareables.

YearInReviews is a personalised experience for users of Show-Score, it shows a breakdown of what shows you have seen as well as deeply personal stories and unexpected insights.

These stories were unique to each viewer, so that no two experiences were ever the same.